We put Whip it Good in the Naughty Corner...

You know how we mentioned that natural ingredients can be a B word? Well this one has turned out to be B Mc B B on wheels.
Don’t get me wrong, this baby will smooth and nourish your skin like no ones business, BUT, she is wild and will not be contained! Literally! She is busting out the seams of her packaging like a pair of DD’s in a button up shirt.
Now in order to for me to get her back to perfect, I’m going to need some time in the laboratory (cough, kitchen), and meet with my production manager (cough, husband) to test drive some new modes of packaging for this picky little darling.
What does this mean for Whip it Good?
In basic terms, we’re putting her in the corner for a time out so she can think about what she did and until she can behave better.
What does this mean for you?
If you have experienced “bloating” (who hasn’t) please let us know so we can rectify the issue. The product within these bags is still perfect and can absolutely be used but the built up gas pressure needs to be released (simply put, she needs to fart). Rip or cut open the first heat seal on the bag and then open the zipper seal to release the gas, you will then still be able to seal the bag with the zip but she just won’t explode on you. If she has burst her seams, you can decant into a new container or get in touch and we will replace for you.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message on socials or email us at hello@georgeandcoskincare.com.au
Quality assurance is a huge deal for George & Co and we thank you for your patience and continued support while we bust out the text books and do a bit of a refresher on our year 8 chemistry.
We promise she’ll be back soon with a bit of a nip tuck and be looking fresh AF.
George. X